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Long-haul Flight Skincare Tips

Back to blog home 31st August 2017
Long-haul Flight Skincare Tips

If you’re heading on a long haul flight soon, you’ll want to make sure you’re prepared for the intense effects of flying. We recommend getting your skincare sorted before you leave the country, so you won’t have to worry about breakouts, dry or dehydrated skin while you’re on holiday. Follow our guide for maintaining your skin, even at 30,000 feet.

  • Keep drinking water - bring an empty water bottle onto the plane and ask a flight attendant to fill it up as soon as you got on board. Keep drinking throughout the flight and avoid drinking alcohol, as this will further dehydrate your body.


  • While onboard, remove all makeup with travel pack and apply B2 hydrating serum. The hyaluronic acid will help to draw moisture into the skin and keep your complexion hydrated.


  • Apply a hydrating mask in a thin layer, and leave it on as you sleep. This is key for keeping your skin looking great, and ensuring you sleep as much as possible will help stop you from getting jetlagged.


  • Cleanse your skin before landing and apply SPF if arriving during the day, or night cream if arriving in the evening.


  • Keep up with your regular routine and wear SPF no matter where in the world you are and regardless of the season!