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I am Debbie McGregor, owner and founder of Total Body Concept. I started the skincare clinic and day spa back in 1993. Welcome to my blog about fostering a holistic, more positive outlook on life. I have just started on my new life's mission to become a motivational speaker, and this blog will follow this journey. Enjoy!

This is a place where I would like to share my knowledge on everything from skincare and inner health to holistic living and the importance of meditation, creative visualisation and affirmations. Nothing in life is by chance – and in this blog I’ll tell you why. Come and join me as we learn to Live the Balance.

Change is coming to Total Body Concept!

Back to blog home 11th December 2017
Change is coming to Total Body Concept!

Exciting things have been happening behind the scenes at Total Body Concept. Earlier this year Debbie jetted off to Paris to meet luxury French skincare brand, Thalgo - La Beaute Marine. It was here that she learnt about the ethos behind the leaders in professional marine cosmetics and experienced a facial treatment like no other.

Widely used in international skin care clinics and luxury hotel spas, Thalgo is a European household name and is championed by skin experts the world over. Over the last five decades they've extracted and concentrated over 50 marine active principles in exclusive ingredients with unrivalled properties ... soon to be available at Total Body Concept. Yes, that's right ... in 2018 we are launching Thalgo facials and skincare at Total Body Concept, exclusive to Christchurch! This means that Resultime by Collin Paris will be discontinued at Total Body Concept. This is because the owners of Resultime have decided to take their business in a new direction and have withdrawn Resultime from beauty clinics around the world. This is a disappointment but we know you're going to love Thalgo treatments and products even more. It's a match made in skincare heaven.

Why Thalgo?

We've chosen Thalgo as our Resultime by Collin Paris replacement in 2018 because they're an institution in skincare. With over 50 years experience in marine cosmetics, Thalgo explores the oceans to extract powerful, active molecules with unrivalled benefits for your skin. Their mineral-rich marine algae is found in all their skincare products and treatments will plump and hydrate your skin like you've never seen before!

What's next?

We'll be rolling out the Thalgo range over the next few months, but to start we are making the Heart of the Ocean Rituals and Anti-Ageing Expertise collection available to our clients at Total Body Concept. The change from Resultime to Thalgo will take place from mid-January 2018.