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I am Debbie McGregor, owner and founder of Total Body Concept. I started the skincare clinic and day spa back in 1993. Welcome to my blog about fostering a holistic, more positive outlook on life. I have just started on my new life's mission to become a motivational speaker, and this blog will follow this journey. Enjoy!

This is a place where I would like to share my knowledge on everything from skincare and inner health to holistic living and the importance of meditation, creative visualisation and affirmations. Nothing in life is by chance – and in this blog I’ll tell you why. Come and join me as we learn to Live the Balance.

25 years of TBC with Debbie McGregor

Back to blog home 19th October 2018
25 years of TBC with Debbie McGregor

Our beautiful mentor, Debbie McGregor was interviewed for Avenues magazine last month, in light of Total Body Concept reaching its 25th anniversary milestone! Find out more about her story below, and see exclusive photos shot by Chris Sexton of our 25th Birthday Celebration event!

25 years of TBC with Debbie McGregor

Total Body Concept

Celebrating 25 years in the business, Total Body Concept offers specialised skin treatments to reverse ageing, prevent further damage and maintain a glowing complexion. Their treatments make generous use of specialised cosmeceutical products by Thalgo and Ultraceuticals and they invest in the most up-to-date technology (including Laser Genesis and IPL) to achieve excellence in skin treatment results. Concerned about redness, pigmentation, fine lines and wrinkles? Total Body Concept has you covered.

25 years of TBC with Debbie McGregor

‘On the job’ - Debbie McGregor

In 1993, after graduating with a diploma in aesthetics, cosmetology and physiatrics, I started Total Body Concept, a specialised skin clinic and day spa in the heart of Christchurch.

This was no ordinary clinic. Right from the beginning, I focused on three key elements: the beauty, the body and creating a freedom of spirit for each of our clients. 25 years ago this was unique, but I knew promoting beauty inside and out was the future of our industry.

25 years of TBC with Debbie McGregor

I’m a real visionist. I believe that if you get your vision into place then you can manifest. My vision for Total Body Concept was to pioneer the culture of nurturing the spirit in the beauty industry, with a particular focus on creating wellness before illness takes over. I have managed to achieve this vision with the help of my business partner Rob who manages the structure and ‘bottom line’ of the company whilst I oversee the leadership and big thinking! Our skills are completely complementary to create a great outcome. Success.

There is a uniqueness, a vibrant energy when you step through the doors at Total Body Concept. Clients have been quick to notice this and have become entrenched in our culture of wellness AND beauty.

25 years of TBC with Debbie McGregor

We started with simple skincare regimes, then invested in IPL technology in 2004, and then in 2016 the world renowned laser genesis facial. We’ve carried clients through that journey, and we’ve evolved with their needs and the best technology available.

We’ve had 25 years now, and now where for the next 25? We will continue with educating people about life balance, taking time out, reducing stress. It’s my life philosophy - life needs to be kept in balance.

I will always choose the best product, for the best result, for the best treatment. I always aspire to lead from the top. That is the way I started out. It’s an innate part of my DNA.

25 years of TBC with Debbie McGregor

I had to remind myself of this in those tough times, particularly post-earthquakes when we lost 75% of our clientele who were based in the central city. I created Total Body Concept from nothing and I wasn’t going to let it go. When we were in the midst of all the quakes here, we pulled on every resource we could. I did everything I could to look after my staff, so they could in turn look after as many as we could. And business just started rolling again. Thank goodness.

The key to our survival was our reputation, and the quality of our services.

I began with this dream, this vision of what we’ve created now and that took 25 years. At the end of the day, it’s all worth it. You can create your own outcome, no matter what the odds.