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Lipid barrier function - what is it and how can we care for it?

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Lipid barrier function - what is it and how can we care for it?

Our individual Lipid Barriers are an extremely important part of our overall skin health, and worth knowing about if you want to make sure your skin is getting the best treatment!


What is it?
Lipid Barrier Function refers to the strength of our skin and how well it protects us from the external environment (pollutants, smoke, sprays etc) as well as any unwanted irritants. The lipids in this barrier are responsible for maintaining skin firmness, softness and hydration by minimising water loss. In short, it is a very important protective layer that’s worth looking after.

How to repair a Lipid Barrier
If you’re experiencing dry, flaky or sensitive skin, it may just be that you’ve got damage to your Lipid Barrier. For repair and strengthening of that important first layer it pays to replace those lipids that have been depleted. Ultraceuticals ‘Natural Moisturising Factors’ help to mimic your lipid barrier by reintroducing ingredients like Cholesterol and Sodium Hyaluronate (Hyaluronic Acid). These are vital for a healthy barrier. Plant oils are popular sources of rehydration and strengthening due to their good source of fatty acid lipids, try almond, rosehip or jojoba.

Not all oils are good oils
Don’t be tempted to rub just any oil on your face though, even if your Lipid Barrier Function is depleted, blocking pores with dense oils is only going to add further problems. For best results, avoid oils that are comedogenic (have a potential to clog pores) like: cocoa butter, linseed oil, peach kernel oil and consult with you skin specialist to see what is best for you.