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New treatment from Thalgo: Exception Marine Redensifying Treatment

Back to blog home 25th February 2019
New treatment from Thalgo: Exception Marine Redensifying Treatment

Our body is home to more than 600 muscles, and a whole lot of them (around 179) are in our head and neck. The ones that keep you looking smiley are innervated by the facial nerve, which can produce around 10,000 expressions, but as your muscles age they can lose the ability to stretch.

The Exception Marine Redensifying Treatment from Thalgo is a highly effective treatment to stimulate any rigid facial muscles that have become tense and tight over time. Expect your muscles in your face and neck to be re-oxygenated, stretched and smoothed, while your skin will appear revived and youthful.

Developed in partnership with a cosmetic doctor, the Exception Marine Redensifying Treatment is a manual facelift and the only professional massage to work the muscles of the face and neck. Try this muscle stretching procedure in place of surgical facelifts or injections and be impressed by the radiant result caused by stimulating the skin’s metabolism.

Sound like something your face and neck would thank you for? Talk to us in the clinic today.