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Skin ‘care’ while you sleep: Win a skincare pillow with Ultraceuticals

Back to blog home 10th June 2019
Skin ‘care’ while you sleep: Win a skincare pillow with Ultraceuticals

Sleeping beauty has a whole new meaning thanks to the skin ‘care’ pillowcase from Ultraceuticals. Helping to prevent wrinkles and breakouts, and helping skin stay hydrated while you sleep - these special pillow cases are much easier on the skin than a typical cotton based fabric which can dry your face out throughout the night.

Made from a luxurious ‘silk like’ polyester, you can rest easy knowing your pillow case is cruelty free, sending you on your way to dream skin with every nap you take.

Purchase any Ultraceuticals serum and any full size Ultraceuticals product and receive a bonus skin 'care' pillow case.

*only one pillow per client