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Direct Needle Therapy for scars and stretch marks

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Direct Needle Therapy for scars and stretch marks

Known collectively as striae, stretch marks are those unsightly, off-colour stretch that arise from tearing of the skin from sustained stretching. Stretch marks are most commonly associated with physical changes due to rapid growth, muscle building, weight gain, pregnancy, or even puberty, and if their appearance is starting to get to you, then you’ll be pleased to hear we’ve got the treatment for you.

The motorized, piston-driven Dermapen features an array of tiny, ultra-thin surgical steel needles at its tip that rapidly puncture the skin to make thousands of tiny wounds as the device is passed over the skin. With topical anesthetic there is virtually no discomfort, and the tiny wounds heal rapidly so downtime is minimal—two - three days at most. This micro wounding causes stimulation of the body’s natural healing processes without causing much real damage to the skin, and means newer, healthier skin is produced during the healing process.

So don’t give up on your stretch marks or scarring if flawless skin is what you’re after, come in and try out the Dermapen and see what incredible results are available.