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Ultra B2 Micellar Solution is back!

Back to blog home 23rd August 2019
Ultra B2 Micellar Solution is back!

We’re so thrilled to announce Ultraceuticals has brought back its one-of-a-kind Ultra B2 Micellar Solution! We’ve got it stocked on our TBC shelves and we must say, it’s looking beyond fresh sporting its whole new look. Don’t let the new look fool you though, it’s still made up of the same great, tried-and-true formulation you know and love!

Ultra B2 Micellar Solution is a no-rinse micellar solution that gently and thoroughly cleanses the skin to remove impurities and make-up on the face, lips and eyes. It’s ideal for sensitive skin types, as the ‘micelles’ act as a gentle magnet to capture dirt, excess sebum and make-up without stripping the skin of its natural properties. This solution features Ultraceuticals B2 Technology (Vitamin B3 and Provitamin B5) to help hydrate, and Cucumber Extract to refresh the skin.

Key Ingredients:

Vitamin B3 (Niacinamide) - Anti-oxidant and soothing

Provitamin B5 (Pathenol) - A very effective moisturiser that works by increasing the humectant (hydrating) properties of the skin. Also effective in soothing the skin.

Cucumber Extract (Cucumis Savitus) - Soothing, cooling properties with a refreshing uplifting scent

Allantoin (Glyoxyldiureide) - Supports the skin’s natural hydration levels

How to use:

1. Use morning and night.
2. Apply product to a dry cotton pad.
3. Wipe gently over face, lips and eyes. Repeat if necessary.

Be sure to remember to double cleanse at night. The first cleanse to remove make-up and environmental surface impurities, and the second to deep clean your skin.