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Drink your collagen: Thalgo’s Collagène 5000

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Drink your collagen: Thalgo’s Collagène 5000

Thalgo's nutricosmetics innovation, Collagène 5000, is a ready-to drink, comprehensive wrinkle correction solution designed to replenish your skin from the inside out. Incorporating the latest scientific findings around the oxidative processes responsible for cell ageing, the exclusive solution contains 5,000mg of easily assimilated Marine Collagen Hydrolysate and AGE PROTECT Complex comprised of Vitamin C and Selenium helping to protect the cells from oxidative stress.

A true time defying formula!

Drink your collagen: Thalgo’s Collagène 5000

Star Ingredients:

Marine Collagen Hydrolysate - preserves the skin's elasticy, preventing the formation of deep wrinkles, smooths skin by reducing the number of wrinkles and improve the skin's suppleness and hydration.

Vitamin C from Palmaria Palmata algae - helps boost collagen synthesis and protects against oxidative stress.

Selenium - reinforces the skin's active defences and protects against oxidative stress.

Key benefits:

- Promotes collagen synthesis 
- Protects skin's lipid structures 
- Preserves the skin's elasticity
- Contributes to skin radiance 
- Strengthens the skin's active defences 
- Improves skin's suppleness and hydration
- Prevents the formation of deep wrinkles
- Reduces already formed fine lines 

AND ULTIMATELY restores younger-looking skin!

How to Use:

Take one dose a day in the morning before breakfast. Drink pure or diluted in a glass of water. We recommend this as a three month course of treatment to be repeated periodically.

Ask your Skin Specialist for more information today!


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