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Toneya & Fran in Auckland

Back to blog home 30th October 2019
Toneya & Fran in Auckland

Here at Total Body Concept, Laser and IPL technologies and their safe use are integral to the skincare services we offer. That’s why last month we sent our wonderful Toneya and Fran to Auckland for a NZ Laser and IPL Training workshop. 

Toneya & Fran in Auckland

The workshop was a really useful refresher for our Laser technology and safety practice knowledge, and we were also able to gain some awesome new ideas too! We’ve got straight into implementing them here at the TBC clinic so you can be reassured that we’ll always be using the best Laser practices when you book in with us.

The training day was run by Ruth Nicholson, the head of NZ Laser Training in New Zealand. Ruth has been actively involved with the medical and beauty industry since 2004. Her past roles have included product specialist and sales representative for an array of appearance medicine and beauty products, laser and IPL based technologies and other medical aesthetic equipment supplied by NZ Medical & Scientific Ltd. She also holds an adult tertiary teaching qualification (NZQA level 5), NZQA 4098 workplace assessors qualification, she is a Laser Safety Officer (LSO - QLD), and holds an NZQA pharmaceutical qualification as well as past roles and experience in the hairdressing and skincare retail sector spanning back to the 1990’s.

Ruth began NZ Laser Training as she had recognised that parts of the laser industry were being dangerously unregulated and therefore made it her mission to change this. She is passionate about educating laser users and sharing the extensive knowledge she has learned over the years working with these highly technical machines to offer the best laser training in New Zealand. We are beyond grateful to have access to her knowledge and expertise when it comes to using our own laser technologies as ensuring our clients’ safety while still delivering great results is our most important endeavour!

If you want to hear more about our Laser Safety practices, by all means get in contact! Call as at 03 377 5430 to find out more.