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Natural radiance with Thalgo's BB Cream

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Natural radiance with Thalgo's BB Cream

For effortless style and the supreme “no make-up look” we recommend Thalgo’s BB Cream! This illuminating multi-perfection cream is a blend of 24H hydration, marine “airbrush” effect particles and BB Cream goodness. A hybrid product created exclusively by Thalgo, this cream reveals dewy skin with a natural look.

Natural radiance with Thalgo's BB Cream

Thalgo’s BB Cream fills the skin with water while algae sugars smooth the skin’s micro-relief, allowing radiance boosting micro-prisms to even and enhance the complexion. It’s skin-embracing texture with coloured pigments softens imperfections and irregularities, moisturises the skin and provides light protection against UV rays with SPF 15. Keep in mind, we always advise you wear a stronger SPF underneath your BB Cream though (Try: MCeutic Sunscreen SPF 50)!

Key Benefits:

- 24H skin hydration
- Suitable for all skin types
- Non-comedogenic and non-acnegenic
- Lasts all day, without the need for touch-ups
- Protects the skin from sun damage
- Improves the quality of the skin in 4 weeks

How to Use:

Apply in very thin lines to the forehead, cheeks and neck. “Stretch” the cream, working from the centre of the face outwards and using slightly upward motions. For areas with more pronounced imperfections, apply an extra dab of cream and gently pat in. Remove at the end of the day with your prescribed facial cleanser!

Choose from three different shades:
- BB Cream Natural 40ml
- BB Cream Golden 40ml
- BB Cream Ivory 40ml


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Note: As a precaution, before using products for the first time we always recommend a consultation to ensure suitable skin type.