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I am Debbie McGregor, owner and founder of Total Body Concept. I started the skincare clinic and day spa back in 1993. Welcome to my blog about fostering a holistic, more positive outlook on life. I have just started on my new life's mission to become a motivational speaker, and this blog will follow this journey. Enjoy!

This is a place where I would like to share my knowledge on everything from skincare and inner health to holistic living and the importance of meditation, creative visualisation and affirmations. Nothing in life is by chance – and in this blog I’ll tell you why. Come and join me as we learn to Live the Balance.

Introducing TBC Skin Secrets!

Back to blog home 20th November 2019
Introducing TBC Skin Secrets!

We thought over the next while we’d let you in on some of the skin care secrets we believe are lesser known but absolutely essential for healthy skin on the daily.

Introducing TBC Skin Secrets!

Here’s our TBC Skin Secret numero uno:

Always double cleanse!

We can’t stress this enough! Every evening, be sure to set aside time for a double cleanse for your face, neck and decolletage area. Your skin won’t be able to thank you enough! It’s so key to get the second cleanse in, as the first simply breaks down oil, makeup, and pollutants, while the second is the one that actually cleanses deep down into the pores and cleans your skin. Ensuring your skin is a beautiful ‘clean canvas’ before sleeping minimises the chances of blocked pores, painful cysts, unsightly blemishes and helps with the absorption of your nighttime home care serums and moisturisers.

A real skin care no-brainer!


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