Prepping your skin for Spring

Prepping your skin for Spring

We can feel it, Spring is just around the corner! But if Winter has been somewhat of a time to hibernate for your skin, then it’s time to get into action and start prepping your face and neck for the warmer months.

Spring Fashion

With the warmer days comes a big change in wardrobe, and we sure are looking forward to putting away the coats and bringing out the dresses! Because Spring wardrobes show a lot more skin, it’s worth getting these areas looking their best before the season change actually hits. If your neck still needs some adjusting after the Winter months, or is really susceptible to that sudden increase in sunshine, try a silk scarf as an easy way to both protect it from damage and look glamorous all at the same time.

Wash, Exfoliate and Repeat

There’s no better time than the present to get a head start on regular washing, exfoliating and moisturising your neck and decollage to truly hit the Spring season running. Find a mild scrub that isn’t too abrasive but will get rid of any dead or damaged skin, and make sure to hydrate that very important area each morning and night with a quality moisturiser.

Laser Genesis

Laser Genesis therapy reduces the appearance of fine lines, reverses sun damage and pigmentation by targeting unwanted brown spots, as well a facial redness, acne and scarring, and creates a beautiful, luminous effect on the skin. This is why it’s the treatment of choice in the lead up to the warmer season, where more skin will be on show and people want to feel confident in their Spring outfits. Get in touch with Total Body Concept to hear about the promotion deal currently on for Laser Genesis clients.