Male Celebrity Skincare Regimes

Male Celebrity Skincare Regimes

Skincare is just as important for males as it is for females, and male celebrities are no exception. Some of the biggest names in Hollywood take their skincare very seriously, and have kindly shared their methods with the world as to how to achieve picture-perfect, red carpet-worthy skin.


After following advice from none other than Naomi Campbell, Pharrell visited a dermatologist, and has been following a skincare regime ever since. He uses a cleanser to begin with, before washing it off with cold water to close his pores. Then, he uses a clearing toner and finishes off his routine with a moisturiser.

David Beckham

David Beckham recently revealed his simple skincare routine; facial cream, moisturiser and a scrub to exfoliate off dead skin. He also said that if he runs out of any of his products, rather than going without for a few days, he uses his wife’s beauty products to ensure his skin is always looked after.

Rob Lowe

When he was younger, Rob Lowe didn’t think twice about taking care of his skin. “People would tell me to put sunscreen on, and I’d laugh”. Nowadays, he’s much more concerned about his skincare regime. When shaving, he always uses a shave gel, followed by a shave serum daily. He also uses a cleanser everyday, and an under-eye serum to get rid of dark under-eye circles.

John Stamos

He credits his great skin to avoiding the sun, and always staying out of direct sunlight. If you work outdoors and can’t avoid the sun, make sure you’re using a daily SPF sunscreen to keep your skin healthy and youthful.

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