Specialised Skin Care & Laser Clinic

At Total Body we only use and recommend clinic-only, professional skin care products.

We have been uncompromising in our search for the safest, most advanced products with non-toxic, active ingredients to give you the kind of skin you've always wanted. If you have a question about which products are best for your skin type, please contact us.

SOS Soothing Mask 50ml

Reduces the feelings of hypersensitivity in just 10 minutes, this refreshing mask is doubly soothing. On the surface, Aloe Vera helps to alleviate discomfort and tightness. Deep within the skin a plant extract improves skin tolerance to effectively reduce tingling and burning sensations.


Two to three times a week on the face and neck for 10 minutes.



SOS Soothing Mask 50ml

Before using products for the first time we always recommend a consultation to ensure suitable skin type.