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At Total Body we only use and recommend clinic-only, professional skin care products.

We have been uncompromising in our search for the safest, most advanced products with non-toxic, active ingredients to give you the kind of skin you've always wanted. If you have a question about which products are best for your skin type, please contact us.

Biodepyl Anti-Regrowth Solution 6 x 5ml

For Whom?
For use after all types of hair removal, including shaving. Legs stay soft and beautiful for a longer period of time.

This concentrate helps to diminish the vitality of new hairs after waxing or depilation to slow hair regrowth. Hairs grow back visibly finer, shorter and more sparse



Biodepyl Anti-Regrowth Solution 6 x 5ml

Before using products for the first time we always recommend a consultation to ensure suitable skin type.