Acne sucks but we can help you to get your glow

Acne sucks but we can help you to get your glow Acne sucks but we can help you to get your glow

Adult acne is something we all try to avoid. At Total Body Concept, we are passionate about spreading skin positivity and feeling confident when you wipe the day away (aka taking your make-up off and baring all). But like most things in life, acne is not always completely in one’s control. There are, however, some key tips we offer to help prevent breakouts and a targeted, multi-step approach should be taken, considering both internal and external factors. So if you’re tired of having to deal with unwanted visitors taking up residence on your skin’s surface, read our top tips to banish acne, feel confident with your complexion and in control!

Keep it gentle

Don’t spend hours in a hot bath or under the hot shower. The hot water will rob your skin of essential oils. Strong detergents can strip oil so be sure to use the gentle offerings. Lubricate skin when shaving and pat dry, moisturising the skin as a final step.

Keep your skin clean

Clogged pores lead to congestion and acne forming, so to avoid breakouts, make sure you keep your skin clean. Never hit the sack without washing your face and be sure to give it another good clean as you rise and shine.  We recommend double cleansing in the evening to ensure your makeup is entirely removed from your skin, keeping your pores clear and breathable overnight.

Use the Ultra Clear range

Specifically designed to help treat breakouts and acne-prone skin, the Ultra Clear range is full of helpful ingredients like Salycilic acid to clean and sweep out the pores, Vitamin B3 to reduce excess sebum production and Mandelic acid for unclogging pores, anti-inflammatory and brightening skin. From spot treatments to purifying masks, there’s a product to suit every acne condition.

Don’t over-exfoliate

We’re all for exfoliation but don’t be tempted to exfoliate, particularly if your skin feels oily. While exfoliating is great for removing dead skin cells, it doesn’t work to remove oil. Over exfoliating will strip the surface of your skin, and to recover, your sebaceous glands will produce more sebum. We recommend exfoliating no more than once a week so make a date with your exfoliate favourite.

Switch to lighter make-up

Makeup is one of the biggest pore-cloggers, and while the best solution would be to stop wearing makeup, it’s not the most realistic solution. The next best way to help keep your skin unclogged is to wear lighter makeup, so switch out your heavy foundation for a BB cream and avoid any unnecessary products like contour or highlighter. You really can achieve a natural, healthy glow without added layers that will lead to a vicious circle of needing more and in turn, doing more harm.

Opt for a shade similar to your natural skin tone that can enhance a golden glow rather than an orange or pasty line. To even and enhance the complexion, apply from the centre of the face outwards and get into the good habit of removing make-up at the end of the day.

Keep your hydration levels topped up

Keep H2O happy because your skin is your body’s largest organ. Lack of hydration can cause all sorts of issues with your complexion. Dry skin often causes the skin to tighten which results in bacteria becoming trapped inside the pores. Dry skin often lacks lustre and can affect the appearance of your complexion. Ensure your skin stays hydrated for smooth and supple skin that glows.

Daily skincare routine for acne-prone skin

We’ve put together a guide to baseline skincare to help keep your skin balanced, blemish-free and feeling great.


Skin needs to be cleansed morning and night. A good cleanser should not only cleanse your skin but nourish and maintain its moisture too. Use a prescribed cleanser for your skin type so it doesn’t strip your skin from its lipid barrier and natural defenses.

Best cleanser for oily skin: Ultra Clear Foaming Cleanser (for controlling breakouts); Ultra Brightening Foaming Cleanser (to maintain your skin after clearing it from acne)

Best cleanser for combination skin: Ultra Balancing Gel Cleanser

Treatment serum

When you are struggling with breakouts and congestion you need a treatment product with active ingredients that will kill the bacteria within your pores causing inflammation. Aha’s and Bha’s (Alpha/Beta Hydroxy acids) like Salicylic and Mandelic acid are the perfect combination to clean out your pores and gently increase the cell turn over in your skin to reduce any clogging and blockages. Clove Oil then comes in and acts like an atomic bomb for bacteria to blast it all away.

Best serum: Ultra Clear Treatment Lotion

Hydrating serum

Use a fast-absorbing oil-free serum or gel for intense hydration. The right product will penetrate your skin at a deep level, instantly smoothing, hydrating and plumping your skin. You will see visible results in the reduction of fine lines and wrinkles, and gives your skin a supple and dewy appearance.

Best serum: Ultraceuticals B2 Hydrating Serum

Antioxidant serum

An antioxidant serum protects your skin from free radicals which age your skin faster. Go for a serum that includes a powerful blend of antioxidants, for example, Chaparral, Silymarin, Provitamin C, Vitamin E and Ferulic Acid. These will help reduce the visible signs of premature ageing by helping to minimise free radical damage. Free radicals age your skin faster and can be found in car fumes, smoke and UVA and UVB rays.

Best antioxidant complex: Ultra Protective Antioxidant Complex

Daily protective moisturiser

The sun is public enemy number one when it comes to our skin so make sure you apply sunscreen before you leave the house, and apply every two hours on your face and body if you are outdoors. Go for a non-whitening fast-absorbing formula that protects your skin from harmful UVA & UVB rays to help reduce the signs of premature skin ageing.

Best sunscreen: Ultra UV Protective Daily Moisturiser SPF 30

Restorative night treatment cream

Invest in a night cream and your skin will love you for it! During the night is the peak time for cell turnover and rejuvenation, so assist your skin by hydrating with a prescribed night cream for your skin type. Maximise your skin’s opportunity to reproduce healthy, buoyant cells during this precious renewal time.

Best night cream: Upon prescription for your skin type.

Find out when to use and how to apply these products by booking a consultation at Total Body Concept.

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