Yoga Workout Facial

The ultimate face workout

Our Yoga Workout Facial is suitable for anyone looking for a more stimulating facial massage treatment and to prevent signs of ageing.

You work out your body so why not your face?

That’s why we have specially designed an exclusive facial treatment for that very reason.

Our Yoga Workout Facial works by stimulating the 43 muscles in your face which increases the blood circulation and stimulates collagen production, all while releasing any build up of tension in the face and neck area. It’s relaxing and energising at the same time!

Our exclusive anti-ageing facial features Total Body Concept’s signature massage techniques, as well as some fresh new moves that will instantly lift and sculpt your face.

$105.00 – 30 mins
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About the Yoga Workout Facial


How long is a treatment?

Our Yoga Workout Facial is 30 minutes, or it can be done during certain 60 minute facial treatments.


Suggested course of action

We recommend getting this facial once a week for six weeks to optimise the lift and sculpting effects it offers. The Yoga Workout Facial can be tacked on the end of any of your other regular facial treatments, making it super easy to get your facial workout fix.



After treatment care

We recommend continuing facial massage at home. Have a read of our ‘Importance of Facial Massage’ article over on our journal.


What products to avoid after a Yoga Workout Facial

You can continue using all your products after this treatment, unless you’ve had an Ultraceuticals Cosmeceutical treatment in addition to a Yoga Workout Facial.


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