Your guide to anti-ageing

Your guide to anti-ageing

As the years start to mature our skin, it pays to treat it with even more respect and care to ensure lines stay smooth and skin stays glossy with health. Here’s our top 5 tips for keeping aged skin at bay.

Cleanse your skin

Start your day with the right cleanser that will wake up your skin and leave it ready for moisturising and makeup. At end of the day you should always be double cleansing your skin to ensure you remove any makeup or dust from the day and let your skin sleep without clogging up pores. Your skin does a lot of its rejuvenation at night so always apply an appropriate night regime that will restore your skin while you sleep.

Eat Well & Repeat

Ensure your diet is full of colourful fruits, vegetables and high in grains and nuts for best results when it comes to using your pantry as a defence against sad skin. Antioxidants found in our top 5 anti-ageing foods help protect your skin from sun damage, and ensure skin remains supple and strong.

Sleep Long & Deep

The body uses your sleep time as a chance to heal itself, repair skin damage and create new tissue, so make sure you’re getting plenty of shut eye each night. Having a soothing evening routine and staying away from bright screens will help ease the mind and sink you into sleep.

Massage & Facials

Total Body Concept offers a range of anti-ageing treatments, and our collagen radiance facial is a sure way to bring a whole lot of relaxation to your day while also combating the signs of ageing. Feel the results of 60 minutes of being infused with collagen and see wrinkles and fine lines become visibly reduced.