Our top tips for maintaining killer brows

Our top tips for maintaining killer brows

As the saying goes, ‘eyes are the window to the soul, but eyebrows are the curtains that frame the window’. A good brow can make a world of difference to your look and can draw attention away from any flaws and straight to your eyes. Ensuring your brows are in gorgeous condition can be a fine art. So here is our guide to keeping them killer!

Understanding the Hair Growth Stages

Just like other hair on your body, your brow hair grows in stages. There are three stages of hair growth, anagen, catagen and telogen. Anagen (the growth phase) is the time when the hair follicle comes to life and the hair grows with nourishment from the dermal papilla (i.e. root of the hair). Catagen (the regression phase) is when the dermal papilla ceases to nourish the follicle although the hair still receives nourishment from the follicle walls before it is fully detached and shed. Telogen (the rest phase) is when the upper portion of the hair follicle rests while in the lower follicle a collection of hair germinal cells remain, ready to form new hairs.

Book Regular Eyebrow Appointments

The easiest way to enhance your eye contour is with a professional brow tint or brow shape. An eyebrow tint and shape will help frame your face as well as cut down the daily grooming process. Eyebrow tinting is great for anyone who has sensitivities to make-up, is active in sports (particularly water sports) and who have limited time in the morning to apply make-up. We recommend booking a brow shaping appointment for every four to five weeks until you get the follicles on the same growth schedule. After this, you can wait longer in between appointments.

Maintain your Colour

Whether you want to lighten your brows, darken them, or cover grey hairs for a more youthful expression, an eyebrow tint is the easiest way to go about it.  Our eyebrow tinting approach is to enhance the natural colours in your eyebrows, and our eyebrow tinting specialists will match tinting colours to your eyebrows and natural hair colour.

Tweeze with Care

Though having a beautiful and well-maintained set of brows is hotter than ever, keeping your eyebrows looking good several days, and even weeks, after a brow shaping appointment is something that we know many people find difficult.

Maintaining your eyebrows so that they are full, thick and symmetrical is a real balancing act. It can be hard to ensure that the shape of your brows stays consistent, and the decision of whether to remove particular eyebrow hairs or not, so as to not ruin the overall shape of your brows can be a tricky one. That said, we know how important DIY brow maintenance can be – no one wants a face covered in stray eyebrow hairs. Though we’ve all had times when we’ve been too tweezer-happy!

To maintain a consistent growth cycle, we would say don’t tweeze your brows at all. If that doesn’t work for you, then fill in your brow with a pencil and then pluck any strays above or below the shape. Filling in the brow first means you will not risk creating holes or patches.

Use a Growth Serum

Over plucked in your time? We feel you. Applying a growth serum like Revitabrow to your brow regularly will lead to healthier-looking, more luxurious brows. Revitabrow works by conditions and strengthens your brows to protect against breakage, while improving flexibility and shine,

Keep the Brow Area Healthy

The skin around the eyes is often neglected. During the day, keep the skin around your brow protected with SPF and an antioxidant serum to help protect against environmental aggressors. In the morning and night apply an eye cream to the delicate area around the eyes. Pump a small amount of eye cream (about the size of a grain of rice) and warm across your fingertips. Star applying the eye cream to the arch of the brow, begin gently spreading the eye cream, following the orbital bone out toward the temple. Repeat underneath the eye towards the nasal ridge.

Delay Regrowth At Home

To gain maximum benefit from tweezing, we recommend that you also use the Thalgo Biodepyl Program. This is available in clinic and for home use, and guarantees a delay in hair re-growth and a reduction in quantity and quality of hair re-growth. It also weakens the root of the hair, which makes tweezing easier and less painful.

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