Total Body Concept Vaccination Policy

Total Body Concept Vaccination Policy

Last updated: November 2021

At Total Body Concept we are committed to maintaining a safe and healthy environment for our staff, our clients and others who visit us.

We strongly support vaccination and believe that having a completely vaccinated workforce will reduce infection and reduce the likelihood of serious outcomes for
those infected.

From the launch of the Traffic Light System, on 3 rd December, to allow us to remain open, Red, Orange, or Green, Total Body Concept will require all staff, clients and
others visiting our clinic to be fully vaccinated.

All visitors will be required to show their current Vaccine Pass immediately upon arrival. Please note that without this requirement we would not be allowed to open at all under orange or red lights and allows us to provide continuity of service.

We ask for your support and to respect our policy that allows us to comply with Government mandate but more importantly to keep us all safe.

Image courtesy of Otago Daily T times.