Fitness Skincare Essentials

Fitness Skincare Essentials

We love exercising, and not just for that post-gym glow! But there’s also a few things to keep in mind when you’re working out. We prioritise our skincare, so our handy skincare essentials will ensure your skin stays in prime condition before, during, and after exercising. Always make sure you have the following items in your gym bag:

Cleanser; to remove impurities, makeup and dirt, and allow your skin to breathe freely, make sure you cleanse before and after exercising

Moisturiser; to help keep your skin nourished and hydrated, don’t forget to moisturise post-exercising. Your skin may feel dried out after all that sweating, so a moisturiser will help return your skin to its normal state

SPF; if you’re going to the gym during the day, an SPF is a must. Make sure you apply it after exercising and before you head outside – even if you’re returning to the office. Your skin can still be damaged through windows so keep yourself protected!

Water; an obvious item, but too many people forget to keep their hydration levels up well after exercising. Sweating will deplete your hydration levels, so ensure you keep sipping on water long after you’ve left the gym

A clean towel; to wipe away sweat, ensure you’ve got a clean gym towel packed in your bag, and don’t forget to wash it after every visit to the gym – regardless of how much you sweated!