Stress and Skin: What you Need to Know

Stress and Skin: What you Need to Know

There are also many ways to reduce stress, and the causes of it. In busy times, often one of the first things we start to neglect is our skincare and beauty routines. But in times of stress, skin can be directly affected, and neglecting skincare routines is one of the worst mistakes to make.

We’ll show you the damage stress can cause to your skin, and why a skincare routine is so important especially when you’re feeling stressed out. Want to reduce stress asap? Just read our guide here.

Dry Skin

According to dermatologists, stress increases the body’s production of the hormone cortisol, which damages the skin’s ability to hold on to water. The lack of moisture can result in dry or itchy skin, and diminished luminosity leaving you looking tired. To avoid this, ensure you’re staying hydrated throughout the day with water, and use a serum like Ultraceuticals B2 Hydrating Serum that contains hyaluronic acid, an ingredient that naturally occurs in the body and hold 1,000 times its weight in water.


With an increase in cortisol, comes an off balance of hormones in the body, which can cause skin to react. Stress can also disrupt the balance between the good and bad bacteria in the gut, which can then show up on your skin in the form of breakouts. To keep your skin at its best, eat a well-balanced diet and cut down on your intake of sugar. As always, keep your hydration levels up and don’t forget to cleanse and tone at night, to get rid of any excess makeup or dirt which can block the pores. We recommend Ultraceuticals’ Ultra Clear foaming Cleanser.


When you’re stressed, your breathing often becomes quickened and shallow and your blood flow often increases as a result. This can cause capillaries to expand, and leave your face looking flushed. Often, the more stressed we are, the longer our face stays flushed as the body takes its time to breathe normally, and reduce the blood flow. To ensure you don’t have a constantly flushed face, take long deep breaths whenever you start to feel stressed. This will help to steady your heart rate and avoid the release of cortisol.

Skincare Routine

Even at our busiest, we should never neglect a daily skincare routine in order to keep skin looking and feeling its best. If you find that you’re forgetting to keep up with your routine, set reminders on your phone and allow 15 minutes before bed to follow through. Even if it’s just a simple cleanse, tone and moisturise before bed, it will still help to combat the effects of stress on your skin.

For a skincare routine that targets stressed out skin, talk to one of our expert beauty therapists at Total Body Concept to help you get your natural, glowing skin back.

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