Biodepyl Anti-Regrowth Solution Sensitive Areas 30ml


The 1st outstanding solution which slows down hair regrowth and significantly acts on all parameters (density, length, thickness). Soothed, the delicate areas remain smooth for longer.


This concentrate helps to diminish the vitality of new hairs after waxing or depilation to slow hair regrowth. Hairs grow back visibly finer, shorter and more sparse.





Creates the illusion of a deficiency to put the cells responsible for the hair growth into a dormant state.
Limits the production of the cells responsible for the growth of the hair. Soothes.

How to use

After a waxing session: Apply the Solution on the day of waxing, and then for the following 3 evenings.
Caution: Avoid exposing treated areas to the sun on the day of application.


Gymnémopil, Complex of essential oils, Efficiensea Extract of the Pelvetia canaliculata algae.