Deeply Nourishing Mask 50ml


This mask, infused with Cold Cream Marine, is deeply repairing. Enriched with micro-encapsulated Borage Oil, it infuses fatty acids (Omega-6) drop by drop into the skin, helping to soothe all feelings of discomfort.

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This lipid rich SOS treatment slowly infuses fatty acids into the skin to reduce roughness, flakiness and feelings of discomfort and itchiness.


Skin feels intensely nourished(3) >> 100% Feeling of tightness(4) and itchiness(5) are reduced >> 100% Roughness(6) and flakiness(5) are less visible >> 93% (36) Self-assessment; 10 minutes after applying the mask, by a panel of 21(3), 19(4) 15(5), or 14(6) volunteers.

How to use

Apply all over the face and neck twice a week for 10 minutes before gently rinsing off.


100% Marine Algae Oil, Marine Wax Complex, Sève Bleue Des Oceans.