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Total Body Concept offers specialised skin and body treatments to reverse ageing, prevent further damage and maintain a young, healthy, glowing complexion.

These treatments are delivered by our skilled, highly trained therapists, each of whom holds an international qualification.


Our treatments make generous use of specialised cosmeceutical products from Thalgo and Ultraceuticals. We invest in the most up-to-date technology available anywhere in the world (including IPL & Laser) to achieve excellence in skin treatment results.


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Electrolysis works by introducing an electrical current to the active base of the hair follicle, by means of a fine needle.

This high frequency current produces heat and causes the hair to become detached within the follicle. It also cuts off the blood supply to the follicle so that its ability to produce a new hair is reduced considerably or curtailed. This also blocks the messages from the hormonal system via the blood and from the endocrine system which affects overall hair growth.

There are three stages of hair growth, anagen, catagen and telogen.

Anagen (the growth phase) is the time when the hair follicle comes to life and the hair grows with nourishment from the dermal papilla (i.e. root of the hair).

Catagen (the regression phase) is when the dermal papilla ceases to nourish the follicle although the hair still receives nourishment from the follicle walls before it is fully detached and shed.

Telogen (the rest phase) is when the upper portion of the hair follicle rests while in the lower follicle a collection of hair germinal cells remain, ready to form new hairs. Electrolysis is effective during the anagen (65% of the hairs at any one time) stage when it can destroy the hair germinal cells and the dermal cells as well as the papilla.

Reactions to electrolysis can include redness and some small scabs may occur. These should be allowed to fall off naturally and not picked off. Removing scabs prematurely can cause infection and can lead to dehydration and pitting of the skin. Any redness should disappear after an hour of the treatment.

To gain maximum benefit from electrolysis we recommend that you also use the Thalgo Biodepyl Program. This is available in clinic and for home use. This guarantees a real delay in hair re-growth and a reduction in quantity and quality of hair re-growth. It also weakens the root of the hair, which makes depilation easier and less painful.

If you have any questions or any unusual reaction after your treatment please call us.