Hyalu-ProCollagène Facial

For intensely moisturised, super-smooth and radiant skin

Give your skin a collagen boost and correct the signs of ageing with this instant anti-ageing facial.

Fight those marked lines and wrinkles …

Thalgo has developed their Hyalu-ProCollagène treatment as a result of dedicated consumer research and ground-breaking new innovation in marine technology. Harnessing two powerful ingredients: hyaluronic acid and collagen, this hour-long facial will effectively help you combat fine lines and wrinkles in an instant. Thalgo’s new advancements will ensure you achieve a younger, ultra-smooth complexion over time.

$225.00 – 60 MINUTES
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About the Hyalu-Procollagene Facial


The Hyalu-ProCollagène Facial is for anyone looking to tackle the obstacle of fine lines, expressive lines and/or wrinkles. Collagen plays a very important role in the skin; it provides structure and support. However, as we age the amount of collagen we produce and have in our skin diminishes. Luckily, Thalgo uses “Native Marine Collagen” that can mimic the collagen naturally found in our skin causing abundance. Wrinkles and fine lines become plumped up leaving super smooth, radiant, dewy skin!

What’s the hero ingredient?

Hyalu-ProCollagène features two superhero ingredients: hyaluronic acid and collagen. Thalgo has incorporated three unique forms of hyaluronic acid that act on the three levels of the skin, addressing the surface, epidermis and dermis layers.

The ingredients are applied to the skin with three roller boosters:

  • 1st roller booster for relaxing massage to plump up expressions lines
  • 2nd roller booster for active massage to smooth visible wrinkles
  • 3rd roller booster for an intensive massage to gradually fill in even established wrinkles.
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