Illuminating Radiance Facial

The ultimate hydra-marine ritual

Thalgo's Illuminating Radiance Facial magnifies radiance and reveals the beauty of dull, tired complexions.

Transform dull and tired skin

The ultimate hydra-marine ritual, Thalgo’s Illuminating Radiance facial magnifies radiance and reveals the beauty of dull, tired complexions. The secret of its effectiveness is its mask and professional concentrates combined with energising digital pressure.

$105.00 – 30 MINUTES
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About the Illuminating Radiance Facial



Anyone with a dull or tired skin concern.



We recommend a course of six treatments two to four weeks apart depending on the condition of your skin.


what are the hero ingredients

Thalgo’s Illuminating Radiance facial features a long list of hero ingredients, including Papaya Fruit Extract, Sea Salt Crystal Powder, Almond Shell and Vegepol in the melt-in scrub, and Sichuan Pepper, Seve Bleue Des Oceans and Lumisource in the Ultra-Radiance Mask. The Absolute Radiance Concentrate features Bio-active Hesperidin and Hyaluronic Acid.



Inspired by the sea, the Illuminating Radiance Facial is composed of three key steps to infuse light into stressed and dull-looking skin to reveal the complexion’s natural beauty and radiance.

Step 1 – Melt-in Scrub with Marine Crystals – Respects even the most fragile skin, this incredibly sensorial and deeply effective scrub combines three natural extracts for gradual triple exfoliation. The skin is freed from asphyxiating toxins.



Step 2 – Ultra-Radiance Mask – This professional mask offers dual performance to relieve tired-looking skin and restore the skin’s translucent appearance. A true radiance boost to wake up and brighten dull complexions. The effects of the Ultra-Radiance Mask are reinforced with energising finger pressure techniques that stimulate nervous and cellular exchanges to boost the skin’s vitality. This digital pressure massage boosts oxygenation, detoxification, drainage and deep relaxation of tissues.

Step 3 – Absolute Radiance Concentrate – This highly concentrated solution contains energising active molecules that boost the skin cells for fresh, plump-looking and perfectly radiant skin.

After treatment care

Ideally no make up is applied for the rest of the day after the treatment. Leave your skin as it is, no need to cleanse that evening (that’s if no make up has been applied to your skin post treatment).


What products to avoid after an Illuminating Radiance Facial

Avoid exfoliating for two to three days after this treatment, otherwise continue with your normal Thalgo skincare routine.

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