The importance of facial massage

The importance of facial massage

Facial massage is an ancient beauty technique that has its roots in China, Greece, Persia, Japan, Mexico, France, Sweden, and India. Each culture has played a huge part in shaping how we practice Facial Massage today, and it’s a phenomenon that just keeps on growing with everyone from Vogue, Elle, Instyle, to successful beauty and skincare advocates everywhere swearing by it! It’s relaxing and revitalising to give you that glow. As a side note, all ancient practices used the face as a diagnostic tool for determining the state of the body and its internal organs. The face is like an open book if you know how to read it.

You work out your body so why not your face?

Great skin is not simply a matter of DNA — your daily habits have a big impact on what you see in the mirror. Do you know your face has over 40 muscles that lay below and are connected to the skin’s surface? By carrying out regular facial exercises and massages, you promote the circulation of blood to the different areas of the face, thus replenishing the oxygen supply in the muscles and the skin.

Face massage or face yoga can have a major impact on the elasticity and the tone of your face – giving it that healthy, youthful look. We like to refer to the benefits as ‘waking up your face’. You’ll soon feel a boost of energy and a feeling of overall balance. Any type of massage, no matter what part of the body, helps keep the blood pumping and rids unwanted toxins that can build up.

To get true vitality, we need to use movements with the lymphatic points of the face, pumping out stagnant fluids that often cause puffiness, sallowness, and sluggish skin. Remember to be H2O happy too as this will give extra help with flushing out the old.

By using a carrier oil or a mask you can also enter a whole new experience of relaxation. Lavender drops can give you that soothing love or perhaps use an oil that will perk you up like peppermint. Think relax and rejuvenate.

Even that little extra time for yourself can leave you feeling good on the inside.

How to do Facial Massage at Home

Instead of balancing miniature weights on your chin, however, you need to get those muscles working. Think yoga for your face to strengthen muscles and, therefore, relax lines and tension that can cause you to look tired.

The idea behind facial exercises is that you can help thicken the muscle and essentially add padding underneath the skin. You might want to find that private space whilst performing or just get into the habit of doing them each time you visit the loo or while you’re waiting for the jug to boil…

Firstly, get into your zone with some slow breathing to ground you and focus on the job in hand.

There are many facial massage exercises you can do but here are some we’ve found to love.

△ To smooth out crows feet, place your forefinger on the temple and thumb on the top of your cheekbone to gently stretch them out.

△ Eyelids tend to get heavier with age, so a little bit of stretching can help keep them healthy. Look upwards and raise your eyebrows at the same time. Then gently close your eyelids, while still looking up.

△ As much as we love laughter lines because they are just that, you can help minimize them by sucking in the insides of your cheeks (think fish pose) and open your eyes as wide as possible.

△ Push your lips out as if you’re going to blow a kiss, widen your eyes and lift your forehead in surprise, or make a fish face repeatedly.

△ To define your jowls and firm neck skin, massage the neck alternatively with each hand using firm upward strokes. And as silly as it sounds (and ok, possibly looks), you can fill your cheeks with air to puff everything out, preventing the sagging in that area that comes with age.

Make sure to spread the exercises out, taking a few breaths to let your face relax between each one.

These are just a few (fun) steps to take at home when you’re going about your day but can we tempt you to a new experience that will leave you wanting more?

Introducing our new Yoga Workout Facial

Oh yes! We’ve recently launched the antigravity Yoga Workout Facial, a high-intensity massage that will tone and strengthen your 43 facial muscles!

This anti-aging facial feature’s Total Body Concept’s signature massage techniques as well as some fresh new moves that will instantly lift and sculpt your face.

Our Yoga Workout Facial will:

△ Stimulate blood flow, increasing your collagen production

△ Smooth fine lines and wrinkles, restoring younger-looking skin

△ Release facial muscle tension, facilitating mental relaxation

△ Drain lymph node toxins, brightening your complexion

△ Tone and tighten your facial muscles, firming your skin

How often do you recommend getting a Yoga Workout Facial?

We suggest getting this facial once a week to optimise the lift and sculpting effects it offers. Better yet, the Yoga Workout Facial can be tacked on the end of any of your other regular facial treatments, making it super easy to squeeze in.

We’ve read heaps of articles suggesting our much loved famous idols are fans but one name that keeps popping up is Megan Markle. She credits her beautiful jawline and youth this very topic and if it’s good enough for Megs…

Our top tip? Give it time; consistency is key. Swing by and see us so we can share our secrets. You’re about to be happier than you’ve ever been. Now maybe you’ll face the world in a whole new way.