The ins and outs of facial massage

The ins and outs of facial massage

Facial massage can work wonders for your appearance, and best of all, it can easily be achieved at home by you.

The benefits of a facial massage are long, and include increased circulation to help stimulate blood flow and lymphatic drainage, and tension relief in the facial muscles. All of these benefits are great for fighting the signs of ageing, and improving your overall appearance. Best of all, facial massages can easily be completed in under 5 minutes, and can help increase the lifespan of your regular facials.

Facial massages are also a great way to ensure that your products can be more easily absorbed by your skin. When you press on your face, the skin microscopically stretches, and when you release your skin is able to grasp the product easier than applying it on top of your skin. Follow these quick and easy anti-ageing techniques and notice the difference that a little workout can make to your appearance.

For puffy eyes

Using a rice-sized amount of eye cream on your ring finger, with light pressure sweep your fingers up along your brow bone to the outer corner of your eye, then around the bone below the eye and back up to the inner eye corner. This action will push excess fluid out from the eye area, and decrease the overall appearance of puffy eyes. Ask your therapist to show you how to do this.

For forehead lines

Place your thumbs on either side of each temple, and use your first three fingers to rub small circles on your forehead. Increase the size of the circles, moving up and out as you go. This movement will help to stimulate collagen production and increase blood flow to the area.

To define cheeks

Using your index and middle fingers, place them directly below the bottom of your cheekbone and push up, so that the fleshy part of the cheek is raised. Push up and along the cheekbone, increasing the pressure as you go. This massage helps to drain the muscle and tissue to sculpt the area, giving you more defined cheeks.

For overall appearance improvement

This technique will make the skin appear plumper and temporarily reduce the appearance of fine lines. Using a serum or toner and a cotton pad, use a tap and release method, along the jawline and up and across the face. This massage is ideal for ensuring the product is more easily absorbed, and helping to stimulate blood flow.