The top skin concerns for men

The top skin concerns for men


When it comes to shaving, some men get the dreaded razor-burn which can cause skin to be red, sore and irritated. A variety of reasons can cause razor-burn including bacteria on your razor, ingrown hairs and sensitive skin, but there are small steps to take to minimise the burn. Shave after a shower; the steam while showering causes the pores on your face to relax and open up. This gives easier access to the hair follicle and results in much closer shaves. Be sure to use a gel and massage it well into the skin, and always shave with the grain of the hairs. If you have an issue with sensitive skin, talk to one of our skin specialists who can help find the right products for your skin type.


If you work outside and don’t wear daily sunscreen, chances are you’ll have an issue with sunburn. While a seemingly temporary sign of sun damage, sunburn can indicate much longer lasting damage that is being done to the skin. Exposure to UV rays helps to speed up the ageing process, causing fine lines and wrinkles to appear, as well as the risk of developing skin cancer. Always wear a Protective Daily Moisturiser, no matter what the weather is doing to reduce the risk of sunburn or any other side effects. If you are sunburnt, apply Aloe Vera gel or Resultime Regenerating Collagen Gel nightly, and keep the skin well moisturised as burns require more moisture than usual.

Under-eye circles

Lack of sleep and a poor diet are some of the contributors to dark under-eye circles, but they may also emerge without these factors. Some small steps may help to alleviate the issue temporarily such as sleeping on higher pillows to prevent blood collecting under the eyes, or applying cold compression, but for a long-lasting prevention try an under-eye serum. Resultime’s 5 expertise eye cream helps to treat a number of skin conditions, and its development was based on two draining active ingredients (Haloxyl & Regu-Age) to tone down the shade of dark shadows and reduce bags under the eyes, making it the perfect product to use.


A concern for anyone, wrinkles are unfortunately a fact of life. But the time at which they appear can be maintained by a regular skincare routine. To keep your skin looking young cleanse daily and gently exfoliate twice a week, as this will rid the skin of dead skin cells and reveal fresher, younger skin beneath. Use our Daily Protective Moisturiser 50+ SPF Mattifying every day! At night, don’t forget to apply a night cream such as the Resultime Hydrating gel-cream or Ultraceuticals Hydrating Gel, for a lightweight way of ensuring your skin is rejuvenating and restoring your collagen all night long!

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