Why your skin lacks firmness and the best ways to boost collagen production

Why your skin lacks firmness and the best ways to boost collagen production

There’s a fibrous protein called collagen in our bodies which is responsible for keeping our skin firm. Found in skins, bones and connective tissues, this is what holds the body together. Sadly, collagen production declines with age and exposure to factors such as UV light, smoking or high sugar consumption – and that’s when we start to notice wrinkles and sagging. Luckily, there are products available to help boost collagen production. Here are four of our favourites.

Thalgo Collagen Cream

The Thalgo Collagen Cream moisturises and regenerates your skin, leaving your fine lines and first wrinkles visibly smoothed from the first application. Simply apply morning and/or evening to thoroughly cleansed skin.

Thalgo Collagen Eye Roll-On

Designed to diminish the appearance of puffiness, dark circles and fine lines around the eyes, the Thalgo Collagen Eye Roll-On gently hydrates the eye area and will make you look and feel fresher and more awake. As an added bonus, the roll-on also gives your eyes a good massage.

Ultraceuticals Ultra C10+

Combining the power of 10% pure Vitamin C PLUS and two peptides (Microelastin® and MicroCollagen), this powerful serum helps to stimulate collagen synthesis to improve firmness and provide antioxidant protection against premature skin ageing.

Thalgo Collagen Concentrate

Formulated with an ultra-high concentration of Native Marine Collagen (derived from the skin of noble fish species), the Thalgo Collagen Concentrate instantly smoothes emerging wrinkles. It gives a velvety “plumping” effect and helps prolong the skin’s youthful look.

Speak to one our therapists if you have further questions regarding collagen, or take a look at some of our treatments designed to stimulate collagen production.