Bottling French beauty – An interview with Rosemary Currie

Bottling French beauty – An interview with Rosemary Currie

Rosemary Currie, Founder and Director of Infinisea, has been the exclusive agent for Thalgo in New Zealand since 1989. We chat to her to find out a little about her background, her skincare routine and what she loves about Thalgo.

1. Tell us a bit about yourself and your company Infinisea

As a Beauty Therapist, my heart and passion is helping others look and feel good about themselves. In the 1960s, I trained as a Beauty Therapist at the Academy of Scientific Beauty in Sydney and became the third beauty therapist to open their own salon in Auckland. For many years I created employment opportunities in my salons for graduates of Beauty Collages in Auckland and Wellington.

In 1976 I began a business partnership with Gustl, a Hairdresser from Austria, and we developed a specialty salon in Remuera employing 30 hairdressers and 15 Beauty Therapists who cared for an average of 600 clients weekly over 22 years.

In 1989 I became the Exclusive Agent for Thalgo in NZ to supply my own salons. Infinisea was established later to distribute and market Thalgo to the wider professional industry throughout NZ. In 2009 The Association of Beauty Therapists NZ Inc. awarded me for my significant contribution to the development of the beauty therapy industry in NZ and recently appointment me to their hall of fame.

I feel very humbled by my journey in the beauty industry because my day to day work is doing what I love most and encouraging others to achieve their goals of progressing beauty in every aspect of people’s lives. When people look and feel good about themselves it impacts their life, home, workplace and community.

2. What do you love about Thalgo?

I love the marine philosophy and ingredients (algae, seawater, sand) as well as the effectiveness of Thalgo professional treatments and sensoriality of the products while ensuring sustainability of the oceans resources. I have a great appreciation for the marine environment as my grandparents were lighthouse keepers and my Dad was raised in remote places where they relied on the sea as their food basket.

3. What is your favourite Thalgo treatment or product?

My favourite Thalgo product would be Thalgo Prodige des Oceans. It represents a new era of Predictive cosmetics – L’Océane nutrition, 100% natural marine plasma. I also love the Reviving Marine Mist, our star product. It energises my skin with sea water every morning and evening.

4. What does your skincare routine look like?

Twice daily I cleanse my face and décolleté with the Gentle Cleansing Milk, Beautifying Tonic Lotion and Reviving Marine Mist followed by two drops of L’Essence (64 marine proteins) and La Crème from the Prodige des Oceans range.

Every day I apply MCeutic SPF50+, my Thalgo bodyguard.

Twice a week, prior to walking with my girlfriends I apply Le Masque Prodige des Oceans and a Thalgo Hyaluronic Eye Patch Mask to feel fresh and hydrated.

Daily, in the shower I adore the uplifting Marine fragrance of the new Merveille Arctique Shower Foam and the silky sensation of the Milky Moisturising Gel.

Once weekly I incorporate a top to toe Salt Flake Scrub to keep my skin smooth and soft.

Twice weekly I allow myself a 20 minute bath of Thalgo Micronized Marine Algae to remineralise my body – very relaxing and energising…

5. What do you do when not at work?

When I’m not at work I focus on our family life. Ken and I work together. We’re been married for 49 years and blessed with 2 sons Michael and Edward and daughters in laws Rose and Cara. Cara is our Infinisea marketing support. We are blessed with two granddaughters and three great grandchildren. I’m active within my church family at Greenlane Christian Centre and enjoy growing our own vege and flower garden. Ken and I also provide neighbour support in our community as well as sailing and walking by the sea.