5 tips for packing light

5 tips for packing light

We all know the dreaded feeling when it comes to packing for a holiday; how can we fit in all our essential items and still be under the luggage allowance? Sometimes we have to make sacrifices and leave items at home – but when it comes to your holiday there shouldn’t be a need for sacrifice. We show you five ways to pack lightly for your mid-winter vacation so you have room for the essentials (and duty-free, of course!).

1. Packing cells/vacuum sealed bags

These are a travel must-have for saving space in your luggage. The concept is simple; keep clothes organised in separate bags for ease of access, while keeping air pockets to a minimum. The extra space created by lack of air means you’ll have more room in your suitcase.

2. Research the seasons

When it comes to clothing, ensure your options suit the weather of your destination; lightweight, breathable clothing for warm weather, quick-drying, waterproof clothing for humid/tropical weather, and warm (but compact) layers for colder weather. Don’t pack for all four seasons; in the unlikely event the weather drastically changes, you can always buy extra clothing while at your destination.

3. Leave towels at home

Hotels should usually supply linen, or have it available for hire. Not only will you not have to worry about carting around a damp towel, but you’ll also save room in your suitcase. If you absolutely need a towel, invest in a Turkish towel or microfibre towel; they’re quick drying and easy to pack.

4. De-size your skincare products

Bulky bottles are difficult to pack, and can spill easily while in transit. Luckily, Ultraceuticals has come up with an easy solution that won’t compromise your skincare routine. The Ultraceuticals Travel Pack contains all your favourite products in a handy travel size, and is available in both dry-normal and oily-normal options. Best of all, the travel pack is suitable for carry-on luggage so you’ll be able to keep up with your skincare routine – even while flying.

5. Keep your hair in tip-top condition

Book in for a haircut and treatment before you go. Not only will your hair look great while on holiday, but you can minimise the amount of products to take in your luggage. Pack the essential products; shampoo, conditioner and one styling product, but leave the leave-in treatments at home. Both L’Oreal and Kerastase have a travel pack that contains only the essentials, perfect for limited luggage space.