Skin essentials to take with you during Cup Day

Skin essentials to take with you during Cup Day

As we draw closer to one of the biggest social events in Christchurch, it’s time to get organised. Your Cup Day preparations will likely start in the early morning, and the celebrations will continue throughout the day and into the evening. With a full day of festivities, socialising and spending time outdoors, it’s likely that your skin will take a hit during the day. Avoid any unwanted effects by arming yourself with our five skin essentials for the big day.


Spending a full day in the sun can wreak havoc on your skin. Not only can UV rays cause lasting damage, they can also leave temporary redness and dry out the skin. Ensure your skin is well protected by slipping an SPF sunscreen into your bag. The Ultraceuticals Sun Active SPF50+ spray is perfect to spray on skin, avoiding the need for messy creams. Take a sunscreen with you on the day for reapplication.

The Susan Posnick Brush on Block is the best mess free way to reapply your sun protection without ruining your make-up. It is also small and light to keep in your bag to keep applying during the day.

Water Bottle

Counteract the unwanted effects of alcohol by keeping your water bottle handy all day. Even if you aren’t planning on drinking any alcohol, it’s important you still consume two litres of water during the day to ensure your skin and body stay hydrated.


When it comes to sun protection, sunhats win over fascinators any day. Sunhats provide full protection for your scalp and face against damaging rays, and can look equally as stylish as fascinators. If you can’t bear the thought of turning up to Cup Day without a fascinator, shop around for one that provides decent coverage to your head – you’ll be happy you did when you leave without a red scalp or face! Try stay in the shade as much as possible to protect your skin the best you can.