Our Skincare Tips For Long Haul Flights

Our Skincare Tips For Long Haul Flights

Now we are allowed to fly again, you’ll no doubt be dreaming of a holiday in some far off land. This usually means taking a long haul flight (sometimes even two) to get to your chosen destination, and with that comes the perils of dry and uncomfortable skin.

If you’re heading on a long haul flight soon, you’ll want to make sure you’re prepared for the intense effects of flying. We recommend getting your skincare sorted before you leave the country, so you won’t have to worry about breakouts, dry or dehydrated skin while you’re on holiday.

We have some excellent tips on how to maintain the integrity and health of your skin whilst in-flight. Follow our guide for maintaining your skin, even at 30,000 feet.

Our tips for maintaining healthy and glowing skin on a long haul flight
Get a Facial Before You Fly

Getting a facial like the Vitamin Infusion or Bespoke Lactic Peel will help your skin to stay hydrated and plump throughout the flight. Be sure to book in for a facial as close to your departure as possible.

Don’t Wear Make-up

Board the flight with little to no makeup if possible. If you do wear makeup on board, take it off before settling in for sleep.

Stay Hydrated

This is so important! Keep yourself and your skin hydrated by avoiding alcohol, caffeine and sugar. You dehydrate whilst flying anyway, so why add to it? It will also help you recover from jetlag quicker if you avoid these three ingredients …

Also, bring an empty water bottle onto the plane and ask a flight attendant to fill it up as soon as you got on board. Keep drinking throughout the flight.

Get Wet

Shower where possible at each port and apply body moisturiser. As soon as you’ve had a nice wash you are recharged. Go for a moisturiser that contains one or more of these essential oils: Rose, geranium, ylang and ylang, mandarin, pedigren, rosemary or lavender. They will help relax you. It’s amazing the power of aromatherapy.

Have a swim in the swimming pool at the airport during layover – the swim will refresh you, and more importantly, gets your body moving!

Avoid The Pill

Try to avoid taking sleeping pills as they wreck havoc on your skin. Holistic and natural relaxing remedies like Sleep Drops are preferred. They relax your sensory system at night and enable you to have a good restful sleep (as much as possible!).

Apply Hydrating Skincare Products

While onboard, remove all makeup with a cleanser, micellar water and eye make remover, then apply B2 hydrating serum. The hyaluronic acid will help to draw moisture into the skin and keep your complexion hydrated.

Also apply a hydrating mask in a thin layer, and leave it on as you sleep. This is key for keeping your skin looking great, and ensuring you sleep as much as possible will help stop you from getting jetlagged.

Cleanse and SPF

Cleanse and moisturise your skin before landing and apply the moisuriser to your face, massaging it in for a minute or two. Cleansing and moisturising upon waking will awaken and freshen the skin. APply SPF if arriving during the day, or night cream if arriving in the evening. Once you arrive at your destination, keep up with your regular routine and wear SPF no matter where in the world you are and regardless of the season.

Happy flying!

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