Three Ingenious Ways to Keep Your Body Hydrated

Three Ingenious Ways to Keep Your Body Hydrated

Want that beautiful, glowing skin back that you had in Summer? We may not be able to help you with the sunkissed part, but we can absolutely tell you that keeping skin hydrated is just as important in Winter, and hydrated skin, is happy skin. Here’s our top three tips for making sure you’re treating yourself right fluid wise.

Debbie’s Secret Water Tip

Debbie’s drinking water equation is as follows: 0.033 x your body weight = litres you should be consuming per day. It’s one from the archives of wellbeing specialist Dr Libby, so you know it has to be good!

All Over Moisture

It pays to moisturise thoroughly and often in Winter, and it also pays to make sure you’re not ignoring some body parts! Our face absolutely needs a lot of love to get it through these chilly days, as it is exposed to the elements the most, but don’t forget the all important fingers and toes too. An easy way to wake up to softer skin is to apply your moisturiser to hands and feet before bed each night, then wrapping them up snug in some socks or gloves. When you wake, ensure you carry out your usual face moisturising routine and you’ll be good to go!

Thalgo Products

Thalgo has long held the sea and its secrets in high regard, and its world renowned skin care is proof that there is huge benefit in the oceans minerals and algae. Whether your skin is naturally dry or simply becomes that way in Winter, you’ll be able to find hydrating and soothing relief from more than one Thalgo product which Total Body Concept is more than happy to stock on their shelves. Try the Hydra-Marine 24 hour gel-cream that maximises luminosity and radiance and a non-oily freshness.