Top tips for sunburn recovery

Top tips for sunburn recovery

Even though you may have slipped, slopped, slapped and wrapped to shield your beautiful skin from the scorching summer sun, we know that New Zealand sun can still catch us out with a bit of sneaky sunburn. If you got a little scorched over the holiday period, here’s our top tips on how to heal sunburn quickly and gently.


Following sun damage, your skin is in desperate need of hydration to help it with the repair and recovery process. Using a product like Ultraceuticals SunActive Face and Body Recovery Cream will help look after your sun damaged skin. The fast-acting formula contains ingredients like soy bean extract and Vitamin E to reduce irritation caused by sun exposure. Pure aloe vera is also a very soothing way to hydrate and soothe burnt skin.


Use cold damp towels for 10 -15 minutes on affected areas a few times a day to release some of the heat (like you would any other burn).


Ensure you keep your fluids up over the hot months and any burn means you need to drink lots of water to prevent dehydration.


Tempting as it may be, make sure not to pop any blisters – they’re there for a reason! Your skin will heal itself with due time.


It may seem obvious, but staying out of the sun while your skin is repairing is essential for proper recovery from sun damage. Take the shady spot at the BBQ, or sit under an umbrella at the beach. If you do have to be out in the sun, ensure you’re covered in loose clothing and protect any unavoidable exposed areas with an SPF.

If you are feeling very ill, dizzy, weak, nauseous get in touch with a health professional.