The best treatments for hair removal

The best treatments for hair removal The best treatments for hair removal

Don’t let unwanted hair ruin your summer! With the warmer months just around the corner, it’s never too early to get your face and body smooth, hair free and beach ready. Many of you are familiar with our facials and skin tech, but how much do you know about our hair removal treatments?

We’re excited to bring you our guide to the best hair removal treatments in Christchurch, along with a how-to guide on how to manage your skin post hair removal (in grown hairs, we’re looking at you). We will walk you through our guide to hair removal and your options, based on your budget, needs and which body part(s) you want to focus on.

Which hair removal treatment is right for you?

At Total Body Concept, we offer a range of hair removal options for men and women, regardless of where the hair grows, age, ethnicity or body type. From IPL, waxing, dermaplaning and electrolysis, we have all the hair removal bases covered.

Our therapists at our Christchurch clinic are highly trained in hair removal, and will consult with you to determine which hair removal treatment is most suited to your preferences. Consultations are required for our IPL, and we do recommend a consultation to determine whether dermaplaning is right for you.

IPL for hair removal

IPL is great for anyone with a bit more to spend on their hair removal. It’s also perfect if you’re seeking to permanently reduce your hair growth on your face or body.

At Total Body Concept we use industry-leading IPL Hair Removal technology by Lumenis, and can alter treatments to treat the hair in various areas of your face and body. We love IPL for hair removal because it cost effective and long term you’ll make big savings (particularly if you’re partial to monthly waxing!).


IPL taking place on a smooth leg.


Dermaplaning is all the rage overseas. A hair removal and exfoliator in one, dermaplaning has been around for quite some time and remains a popular skin-perfecting technique across the globe. Using a razor, scalpel or a specialised razor, hair and dead cells are removed from the face, leaving the skin smooth and silky.

At Total Body Concept we use a straight edge surgical blade at a 45-degree angle to exfoliate the epidermis while removing fine vellus hairs. It is an effective and pain free method of hair removal. It can also reduce the appearance of:⁠ ⁠

  • Rough, dry skin⁠
  • Thickened skin⁠
  • Fine lines and wrinkles⁠
  • Enlarged and clogged pores⁠
  • Superficial hyper-pigmentation⁠
  • Uneven skin texture.⁠ ⁠

A woman receiving dermaplaning.


Electrolysis is a safe, proven method of permanent hair removal. And yes, it can sometimes be painful BUT it’s so effective! Electrolysis works by introducing an electrical current to the active base of the hair follicle, by means of a fine needle. It is suitable for small areas of unwanted coarse hair growth, usually on the lip, chin and neck areas, however, some clients choose to get electrolysis on their bikini line (and more!).


A woman receiving electrolysis.


For smooth hairless skin, we have plenty of waxing services that will get you the short-term results you’re after.

Whilst waxing can, at times, be a little painful, we endeavour to make your waxing treatment a comfortable one. That’s why we use the highest quality wax to create an experience that is comfortable and quick! We offer the full range of waxing services from leg, arm and Brazilian to eyebrow, lip, chin and more.

How to care for your skin after a hair removal treatment

After hair removal, the follicle in the skin may be open for up to 48 hours so please note the following after-care advice during this period.

  • Avoid spa baths or swimming
  • Avoid exercise
  • Avoid wearing tight clothing as this may cause excessive perspiration which provides the ideal environment for a build up of bacteria
  • Do not tan in the sun or in a solarium
  • Do not apply fake tan
  • Wear clean clothing to avoid cross-infection.


Introducing Thalgo’s Biodepyl System

There really is nothing worse than having your legs, underarms or bikini areas removed of hair only to have it all grow back within a couple of days, well luckily Thalgo feels your frustration and have come up with the perfect deep sea products to help.

To gain maximum benefit from hair removal we recommend that you also use the Thalgo Biodepyl Program. This guarantees a real delay in hair re-growth and a reduction in quantity and quality of hair re-growth. It also weakens the root of the hair, which makes waxing easier and less painful.

For use after all types of hair removal, including shaving, the Anti-Regrowth Solution is proven to make sure legs stay soft and beautiful for a longer period of time. This concentrate helps to diminish the vitality of new hairs after waxing or depilation to slow hair regrowth meaning hairs grow back visibly finer, shorter and more sparse.

We know hair removal can result in uncomfortable ingrown hairs that leave blotchy red skin and undo all the good work that waxing, shaving or IPL can do, so Thalgo’s specialist treatment for those annoying little hairs is much recommended. The Biodepyl treatment encourages the hair to break the surface of the skin, corrects unsightly imperfections and helps to prevent reoccurrence. Apply to the skin of the target area specifically at night (to avoid direct contact with the sun straight after application) and continue three to four times a week.

Talk to your Total Body Concept therapist about using Thalgo’s Biodepyl system next time you’re in for your hair removal treatment.