How to prevent pigmentation when the weather gets colder

How to prevent pigmentation when the weather gets colder

Contrary to what one might think, the sun is not less harmful in winter. Although it may be hiding behind clouds, your skin is still exposed to the UV rays which emanate from the sky, and are reflected on the ground.

Moreover, individuals who practise mountain sports in winter increase their exposure to UV rays. In fact, the higher the altitude, the greater the exposure to UV rays. So if snowboarding or skiing is your thing, make sure to keep your skin protected and feeling good throughout the season.

In addition to helping you choose an adequate sunscreen, these tips can also protect you from UV rays during your favourite winter activities:

  • Wear a hat. In addition to protecting you from the cold, a hat will also prevent you from getting a sunburn on your scalp and your ears.
  • Remember to protect your eyes! Because UV rays can be harmful to eye health, wear sunglasses or ski goggles with integrated UV protection.
  • Protect your lips with a lip balm which has UV protection.
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