Beauty Bag Essentials

Beauty Bag Essentials

Every beauty bag should contain six skincare essentials: Cleanser; Eye Cream; Daily Moisturiser; Night Cream; Sunscreen and a Face Mask. Whatever skincare products you are using, please make sure that they are free from the 12 toxic carcinogenic compounds found in some beauty products (but not ours at Total Body Concept!).


If you can, purchase a prescribed cleanser for your skin type so it doesn’t strip your skin from its lipid barrier and natural defences. A good cleanser should not only cleanse your skin but nourish and maintain its moisture too.

Eye cream

An essential beauty bag necessity! The skin around the eyes is so much more refined and delicate. Your eyes need specialised product designed specifically for this area. Invest in a prescribed eye cream which will ensure that your fine lines and dark circles and minimised.

Daily moisturiser

It is very important to hydrate your skin to reduce the appearance of fine lines and prevent deeper lines.

Night cream

Invest in a night cream and your skin will love you for it! During the night is the peak time for cell turnover and rejuvenation, so assist your skin by hydrating with a prescribed night cream for your skin type. Maximise your skin’s opportunity to reproduce healthy, buoyant cells during this precious renewal time.


For obvious reasons you MUST use a sunscreen on your face and body. If strapped for cash go for a sunscreen which has a daily moisturiser built in, for example CC Corrective Collin or Ultra UV Protective Daily Shield SPF 50+ Defence.

Face mask

A face mask is a quick and easy way to boost hydration in your skin, and an added bonus in treating your skin and combatting any specific needs such as excess oil, redness or lack of hydration. A great way to treat yourself once or twice a week. Enjoy!