Event-worthy skin: Tips to ensure your skin’s radiant for every Spring event

Event-worthy skin: Tips to ensure your skin’s radiant for every Spring event

Canterbury’s Spring event calendar is just brimming with affairs! With New Zealand Cup and Show Week on the horizon its various parties, events, races and shows it’s no wonder your diaries are filling up fast. Not to mention the Christchurch Heritage Festival, SCAPE Public Art Season, Diwali, Christmas in the Park and the many more events included in Christchurch’s new spring celebration Bloom!

There’s an abundance of reasons to get dressed up and glamorous this season, and that means having healthy, radiant skin to match your suave party looks!

Check out our top tips for getting spring event ready here…

Nourish and hydrate

During the lead up to your spring events make sure to give your body the nourishment and hydration it deserves. Drink around 3 litres of water every day, to help flush your body of toxins that may adversely affect your skin. You could even try the ready-to-drink Thalgo Collagene 5000 to give your skin a pre-event collagen boost.
Cut down on your alcohol consumption until the time of your event so your liver can spend all its time detoxifying your body and skin, making it as healthy as ever for race day!
Say no to sugary, salty and fried foods. They’re a no go for your Spring event lead-up. But say a big fat yes to your leafy greens, and omegas that’ll help make your skin vibrant. Think all foods high in Vitamin C, Vitamin E, and Vitamin A. They will aid your skin in its collagen production, skin cell regeneration, and defense against oxidative stress and UV damage.


For radiant skin, exfoliate daily in the lead up to your event. Gentle exfoliation helps to remove dead skin cells, revealing fresher and brighter skin underneath. It also helps to circulate blood flow to the face, so your skin will look plump and rejuvenated. If you’re planning on getting a spray tan for the big day, it’s even more important that you’re regularly exfoliating, as this will help the tan look more natural and last longer.
At Total Body Concept we have a range of different exfoliators to meet your needs, try using Ultra Gentle Exfoliating Gel, Ultra Dual MicrofoliantThalgo Refreshing Exfoliator or Thalgo Resurfacing Cream to name a few! Exfoliating treatments like Microdermabrasion or our Micro-Fusion Facial also wouldn’t go amiss, leaving you with fresh, younger looking skin.
Plus, don’t forget about the rest of your body! Consider booking in for an Exfoliating Body Polish that will purify, rejuvenate and smooth your skin.


Healthy skin looks even better when you’re well-groomed from head to toe! Come to the clinic ahead of time for our eye trio, landing yourself with the perfect lashes and brows to frame your face.
For smooth hairless skin, we have plenty of waxing services that will get you the short-term results you’re after.
And, if you’re wanting a natural looking bronzed glow to enhance your event day look, faux tan is 100% the best way to go. Try our St Tropez Gradual Tan Tinted Body Lotion and Moisturiser and apply in the lead up to your event. Alternatively try our St Tropez Instant Tan. Apply on the day and wash off later!


To polish off your spring event preparation, why not treat yourself to a refreshing specialised treatment at TBC. We’ve picked two we think will be best!
Thalgo Collagen Radiance Facial works to combat the first signs of ageing, drenching the skin with Native Marine Collagen, which has a remarkable bio-affinity. Wrinkles and fine lines are plumped up and diminished, leaving skin intensely moisturised, super-smooth and radiant. The perfect result for your spring event look!
Laser Genesis therapy reduces the appearance of fine lines, steadily reverses signs of sun damage, as well as diffused facial redness, acne and scarring, creating a beautiful, luminous effect on the skin. This is why it’s the treatment of choice in the lead up to the warmer season, where more skin will be on show and people want to feel confident in their Spring fashion. The best part, there’s no downtime post treatment!

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On the day

The greatest skin tip of all time follows here. STAY SUN SMART! Always, always wear SPF and if you’re going to be outside for a prolonged period of time ensure you are reapplying consistently to protect yourself from damaging UVA and UVB rays. Even better, wear a hat! No sunburn nightmares here please!
And last but not least, stay hydrated.

For further help regarding any of these tips, products and treatments contact us at Total Body Concept – 03 377 5430