Why you should drink more water

Why you should drink more water

Why is drinking lots of water so good for us? Because water makes up approximately 60% of our body mass and about 80% of our brain. This means even slight dehydration can have a significant impact on our daily lives.

Effects of dehydration include:

— Poor concentration
— Headaches
— Impaired sleep
— Dry skin
— Joint problems
— Sore eyes
— Digestive disorders

How do you know if you’re suffering from dehydration?

— Do you find yourself yawning or getting sleepy during a meeting?
— Do you get a headache while working?
— Are you struggling to concentrate?
— Do you lack energy?
— Is your work stressful?
— Do you get sore eyes from staring at a computer all day?
— Do you work in an air-conditioned environment?

How do you improve your hydration

Have a think about how much water you are actually consuming each day. If you think that it might be enough, simply try increasing your daily intake and see if it makes a difference.

Keeping your body well hydrated will give you the focus and energy to see you through those tight deadlines, busy schedules and sometimes boring moments.

If you normally drink water only when you feel thirsty, this is a sign that you’re not drinking enough. This is because your brain detects when the amount of fluid in the blood falls and instructs us to drink by the sensation of thirst. Unfortunately this is a slow process and at this point you would more than likely be in the early stages of dehydration. Another good indicator of dehydration is you have dark coloured urine. Ideally your urine will be a light clear colour.

The best way to remain fully hydrated is to drink water regularly during the day, whether you are thirsty or not. All it takes is a little planning. Get a reusable water bottle and carry around with you all day. Remember, seven large glasses a day is your target!