From Winter to Spring: 6 ways to change up your skincare with the seasons

From Winter to Spring: 6 ways to change up your skincare with the seasons

Spring skin on your mind? The cold, brisk temperatures have finally eased, and with them our dreary winter moods and dry, itchy skin. Lathering up with thick moisturisers, serums, balms and oils may have been the best for your skin over the past season, but with the increasing temperatures and humidity, we think your skincare will be in need of a reboot! Here are six top tips to get you spring skin ready!

1. Exfoliate

Being exposed to harsh winter elements can cause a season-long buildup on the skin. Think dead skin cells, leftover product and environmental toxins. It’s best to start the new season with a fresh canvas, so grab your favourite exfoliant and get scrubbing (gently of course)! Consider using Ultraceuticals Gentle Exfoliating Gel, Thalgo Resurfacing Cream or trying treatments like Microdermabrasion or an Exfoliating Body Polish to ensure your skin’s purified and rejuvenated.

2. Apply (and re-apply) sunscreen

SPF is always an absolute MUST in our book, but with the increasing temperatures and rising number of sunshine hours SPF application and reapplication are more than imperative!

Springtime is actually a high-risk time for sunburn and sun damage. Often caught unawares, the warm but milder Spring temperatures can tamper with the extent to which we feel the strength of the sun, leaving us with sun damage we didn’t bargain for! We suggest you apply your SPF, as usual, every morning and ensure you reapply again before any outdoor activity you undertake. Plus, don’t forget about your Ultra Antioxidant Protective Complex as well, protecting you from all other non-UV environmental nasties!
Worried about a mole or other skin anomalies? Visit our friends at Molecheck to calm your concerns.

3. Lighten up

Swap out any thick, rich moisturisers and serums with your lighter lotions. With warmer weather and humidity, it’s far easier to sweat out products on skin and a thicker moisturiser will leave your skin looking oily. A lighter moisturiser will ensure your skin stays hydrated, without looking coated. Try Thalgo Hydrating Cooling Gel cream or Ultra Hydrating Lotion to lighten your load.

4. Mask up

Specific post-Winter skin symptoms you want to address? Hit them with a mask! Whatever your skin concern, we have phenomenal masks from both Ultraceuticals and Thalgo that will be the perfect pick-me-up to start your spring fresh faced. Check out our Ultra and Thalgo Masks on our online store.

5. Spring clean

A super important part of you spring skin process is getting rid of your old products! ‘Waste not, want not’ may be your motto, but we think you’ll re-evaluate when you learn of the hosts of bacteria build-up your older products contain, leading to clogged pores, dull skin, and other skin grievances. Makeup brushes are also known to be a huge germ and virus culprit, so make sure you are washing them well, regularly!

6. Treat yourself

What better way to love the skin you’re in by treating yourself to a refreshing specialised treatment at TBC. You’ll be spoilt for choice, so we’ve picked two we think you’ll like!

Thalgo Illuminating Radiance Facial

Thalgo Illuminating Radiance Facial works to combat the first signs of ageing, drenching the skin with  a long list of hero ingredients, including Papaya Fruit Extract, Sea Salt Crystal Powder, Almond Shell and Vegepol in the melt-in scrub, and Sichuan Pepper, Seve Bleue Des Oceans and Lumisource in the Ultra-Radiance Mask. The Absolute Radiance Concentrate features Bio-active Hesperidin and Hyaluronic Acid.

Wrinkles and fine lines are plumped up and diminished, leaving skin intensely moisturised, super-smooth and radiant. The perfect post-Winter skin refresher!

Laser Genesis

Laser Genesis therapy reduces the appearance of fine lines, steadily reverses signs of sun damage, as well as diffused facial redness, acne and scarring, creating a beautiful, luminous effect on the skin. This is why it’s the treatment of choice in the lead up to the warmer season, where more skin will be on show and people want to feel confident in their Spring fashion.

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