Foods high in hyaluronic acid

Foods high in hyaluronic acid

You are what you eat, and if you’re wanting your skin to look as good as it can be, it’s time to clean up your diet. Foods high in hyaluronic acid will mean your cells ability to attract and retain water is increased – leading to plumper, smoother skin and an all round healthy glow. Stock up on the following next time you’re at the market!

Citrus Power

Citrus fruits all contain naringenin, which inhibits the breakdown of hyaluronic acid, meaning all that good moisture in your skin will be retained. Eat plenty of oranges, tomatoes, grapefruits and bananas to promote longer lasting hydration at a deep level.

Glorious Greens

There’s always things to love about greens, and furthering our love of them is the fact they contain magnesium, which is a necessary catalyst to help with hyaluronic acid production in the body. More greens means more suppleness where it counts.

Bowl of Broth

Warm up with a bowl of broth and do your skin some good at the same time. Simmer some bones in water for a period of 24 hours or so to get the most hyaluronic acid out of them as possible and reap the benefits of drinking a delicious skin tonic.

Super Soy

Foods containing estrogen may help the production of hyaluronic acid in the body, so up your intake of tofu, edamame and tempeh to further the benefits. Mix them into a stir fry, salad or have them as a snack – these are perfect for plant-based eaters needing a hyaluronic acid boost.

Starchy Roots

Anything that may increase the production of hyaluronic acid is good in our books, so next time you’re in the kitchen try putting together a meal containing potatoes, kumara or yams for a supercharged meal.