Perfect Your Morning Skincare Routine

Perfect Your Morning Skincare Routine

When time is of the essence in the morning, it’s essential to have your morning skincare routine streamlined. Our easy process will take 10 minutes, so you’ll have plenty of time left over for coffee and other morning essentials.

1/ Cleanse

Even if you clean your skin religiously before bed, oil production doesn’t stop overnight, so you won’t wake up with the same clean skin that you had before bed. Oil can clog pores which can then lead to congestion, so it’s essential that cleansing is a part of your morning routine to clear the pores. Cleansing also allows the products you use in the morning to be absorbed by the skin, and helps to reduce any redness or puffiness caused during the night.

2/ Treat

This is a chance to apply a serum with active ingredients to help address any specific skin concerns. Serums usually have a gel or light lotion consistency and contain a high concentration of powerful ingredients. If you find you have a few serums you like, you can rotate morning and night or on alternate days. And remember – a little goes a long way. Talk to your Total Body Concept skin specialist on what products are best for your skin type.

3/ Moisturise

Moisturising helps to replenish hydration, leaving your skin prepped for the day ahead. There are a number of different moisturisers to suit all types of skin, so if you’re not sure what moisturiser is best for you, talk to one of the experts at Total Body Concept. Skin can appear dull and dry without hydration, so don’t forget to moisturise and allow your skin to absorb the hydration before applying any additional products.

4/ Protect

Regardless of how cold it feels outside, protection against the sun is an absolute must for any morning skincare routine. While the sun’s rays may seem less harmful on cloudy days, in actual fact, the UVA rays which cause premature ageing and lasting skin damage, are powerful enough to penetrate through clouds and glass. Protect your skin by applying an SPF sunblock or moisturiser that provides a barrier against both UVA and UVB rays, and don’t forget to reapply throughout the day.

Best sunblock: Ultraceuticals Daily Protective Moisturiser SPF 50

If you are new to Total Body Concept then our Guide to Healthy Skin is a great place to start on your skincare journey with us!

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