Why get a skin consultation?

Why get a skin consultation?

Often we’re asked what the benefits of a skin consultation are. A skin consultation will allow us to assess the condition your skin is in and the skin type you have, whether it be oily, dehydrated, dry, sensitive or combination.

We ask a lot of questions

We ask a lot about the history of your skin, what’s happened in the past to create what’s happening in the present. Sometimes it’s just the incorrect use of a current product you’re using which may be irritating or congesting your skin. Other times your skin’s health is aligned with not drinking enough water. There can be instances where there are allergies or reactions happening in the skin due to various reasons – diet; existing skincare programme; sun damage.

Skin Analysis

During the consultation we access your skin through a Woods Lamp which allows us to assess your skin through different levels. Woods Lamp uses a UV light to allow us to see through the deeper dermal levels (we can see pigmentation underneath the skin which we can’t see with a naked eye). We also use a magnifying lamp to have a closer look at your skin.  

How to get your skin looking its best

Sometimes there is a combination of things that we need to do to get your skin to its full health. We take skin that’s not performing to its optimal function and bring it to a place to allow it to perform at its best – we protect, support and sustain it through the process.

Treating your skin is a step-by-step process

We will put you on a skincare journey which will allow us to get your skin functioning on its own, to its optimal level so it looks gorgeous. A skin care plan will be subscribed to you which will be aligned to what we do with our specialised skincare treatments in the clinic. This will give your skin the optimal opportunity to treat your major skin concern, whether it be congestion, pigmentation or sun damage. We work with you to educate you on your skin, your products and to ensure you are 100% aware of what you are doing and why.

Understand – Look – Translate – Recommend – Aftercare.