The best way to care for your skin in between facials

The best way to care for your skin in between facials

Nothing beats the post-facial glow, and the feeling of perfectly clean and nourished skin. To make that feeling last for as long as possible, and to keep your skin in tip top condition, it’s essential that you care for your skin in between facials. Maintaining your skin will also improve the effects of regular facials, meaning your post-facial glow will last for longer.

Treating your skin to a facial sure is a lovely and worthwhile experience, but to really make sure your skin is in tip top health, the work continues even after you’ve left the clinic. Here’s our top tips to making sure you are always treating your skin with kindness. Your at home skincare regime is responsible for 70% of your results, so don’t let the hard work of your regular facials down. Here are our best ways to care for your skin in between facials…

Stick to your prescribed skincare routine (morning and night!)

Here at Total Body Concept we won’t just expect you to know what you’re doing as soon as you leave the clinic, instead we’re more than happy to write you up a personalised skin care plan. Taking into account all the intricacies of your unique skin type and lifestyle, we’ll work together with you to make sure that even when you’re between facials, your skin is getting the best care even from home.

After your facial at Total Body Concept, your skincare consultant will give you a personalised skincare plan, specific to your skin type and skin concerns. It’s so important to maintain this routine if you want to keep your skin healthy and glowing. It’s also essential that you follow the routine morning and night, as there are certain products that are designed to be more effective at different times of the day. Vitamin C, for example, provides antioxidant support to protect against free radicals which you’re more likely to encounter during the day, while a night cream will help with your skin’s overnight repair process.

Use Specialty Products

Instead of settling for your old ‘bottom of the drawer’ type serums, exfoliators or moisturisers, it pays to put some care into your products even when they’re in your own bathroom cabinet. Ensuring your skin stays feeling good post facial, make sure you keep up the hydration with a really good moisturiser, and that you’re cleansing your skin too – particularly at the end of the day before you head to bed. Making sure you’ve got a cupboard of really good skin care at home means looking after yourself quickly becomes just part of a very easy routine.

Start Drinking More Water

It can’t be said enough; drinking water is one sure way to get your skin looking firm, hydrated and glowy, and chances are you need a little gentle reminder to keep drinking!

Nourish and hydrate your skin with plenty of water throughout the day. This will not only keep your skin glowing, but it’s also especially important during the colder months, as the skin will dehydrate faster thanks to the dry winter air. Try and refill your drink bottle at least once a day, and listen to what your body is telling you.

Take a fun reusable water bottle with you throughout the day and you’ll be amazed by how much more you drink – when something is in front of you all the time it acts as the perfect reminder to hydrate.

Let your skin breathe

Wearing makeup can lead to a buildup of dirt in the pores, causing skin congestion. To keep your skin clean, always remember to remove your makeup at the end of the day using a pre cleansing product like the Ultra B2 Micellar solution. If you can, try to use a CC cream or mineral makeup that is lighter on your skin.

Get those Zzz’s

It’s easy to push back bedtimes, and crack on early with the day when you’ve got a busy schedule, but making sure you get enough sleep is one super easy way to ensure your skin is getting the best possible care. When we’re asleep our bodies get to work doing some essential repairs from the inside out, so it doesn’t take long to notice when you’re not getting enough sleep, as your skin begins to look dull in appearance. Want that glowing look? Let your body get enough rest and start seeing results very quickly.