The product every man should have in the bathroom

The product every man should have in the bathroom

Skincare products are not necessarily a man’s domain, and it can be overwhelming trying to navigate all the various products designed to moisturise, cleanse, tone and exfoliate. So we’ve made it very simple for men this month. If there’s only one product that every man should have in the bathroom (and use everyday)…

– it’s Protective Daily Moisturiser

The effects of not wearing Protective Daily Moisturiser can be detrimental not only to your skin’s overall appearance, but also to your health. Harmful UV rays can cause premature ageing, sunspots and even skin cancer, none of which are wanted or welcome side-effects. To ensure this doesn’t happen, make sunscreen the number one product you use everyday, regardless of the weather or temperature.

Ultraceuticals Daily Protective Moisturiser Mattifying 50 SPF is the perfect ‘2 steps in one’ product. Not only does it have a highly potent SPF content but it is also amazing for keeping your skin’s lipid barrier, your natural skin defence, intact and ready for anything.

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