6 Steps for the Best Oily Skin Care Routine

6 Steps for the Best Oily Skin Care Routine

Although at times it may feel like it, oil isn’t the enemy! We all need oil to maintain a barrier allowing moisture to stay in but keep environmental nasties out. But too much oil can mean unwanted sheen and breakouts. 

Whether your skin is normal, dry, or oily, you have a certain amount of natural oils (sebum). Dry skin lacks these vital oils. A normal skin type has a perfect balance. If you have oily skin, you produce sebum to excess. To manage your oily skin effectively, follow our tips for the best at home care.

1. Find the right cleanser

Using the correct cleansing products can make a huge difference in the amount of oil that’s left on your skin.

If you have more dry skin during the winter months, it’s possible you may need to rethink your skincare plan for the spring and summer with a gel-based cleanser. By finding the right cleanser for you, and using it properly, every morning and night, you can keep the benefits to balance your skin and keep your pores in good health. Firstly wet your face, massage in your cleanser and pat dry. It’s not rocket science but it will have your glow soaring. 

The aim is to cleanse without stripping off moisture so no matter what skin type you have, avoid cleansers that contain soap or scrubbing agents. These can make pores look bigger and send oil production into overdrive. You can also go for a cleanser with BHAs in it to really assist in dissolving excess oil. In fact, many women have turned to actually use oil to cleanse! Using oils can help protect the natural lipid layer of the skin and the good bacteria that live there. 

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2. Don’t miss the moisturiser

We’ve found that products specially formulated for minimising oiliness can provoke the situation, as so many contain harsh ingredients that remove every last drop of sebum from the skin. Adding moisture to the skin actually helps reduce the oiliness because it helps slow down sebum production.

It’s most likely oil production increases in the warmer months. Even if you have oily skin or your oil production increases during the warmer months, you need to hydrate so ensure you continue to do so. Try a light one with Vitamin C! Also focus on your water intake to prevent skin from becoming dehydrated. Hydrating internally results in better skin hydration too. That’s what our bodies naturally crave hydrating foods during warmer climates. Think of those antioxidant-rich, refreshing foods like sinking your teeth into a sliced watermelon or snacking on blueberries. Summer heaven (remember to be pro-active with your sincere routine too)!

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3. Go easy on the toner (or try a mist instead!)

Everything in moderation and especially when it comes to toner! Like with all skincare products…choose the right one for you and don’t over-do it. It’s easy to become overwhelmed with what is on offer so know your stuff (or ask us)!

Many people think a toner or astringent is the answer to oil-banishing prayers. However, a harsh toner merely strips the skin and in turn, it tries to compensate for such. In simple terms, if the oil is stripped away then more oil will be produced to replace it.

Take note;

  1. Freshners: the mildest form of toners, they’re alcohol-free and suitable for all skin types, including dry and sensitive.
  2. Tonics: they contain a small amount of alcohol, and are mostly suitable for normal, combination, and oily skin.
  3. Astringents: the harshest form of toners, they contain antiseptic ingredients and a high amount of alcohol, and aren’t suitable for anyone. Avoid!

A nice introduction to toning your skin is with the Ultra Hydrating Skin Mist.

4. Sunnyside up

Try a retinoid. It’s vital we are sun aware at all times, even on those cloudy days. Eliminate sun exposure as much as possible and use a high SPF when out and about. The sun ages our skin so be sure to reach for the retinoid! 

Retinoids are Vitamin A derivatives. They have found to be useful in medicine where they regulate epithelial cell growth. They have superpowers to improve fine lines, texture, and tone and actively encourage your skin to behave like a younger version of itself! Increasing cell turnover is how they work their magic whilst stimulating collagen and they can prevent pigmentation. It also works wonders for acne by controlling the oils. It will reshape the lining of your pores, so oil comes out easily rather than getting trapped and causing a clogged pore, blackhead, or pimple. Because retinoids function as antioxidants and reduce the amount of melanin the skin produces, you’ll get the results of a more even skin tone. It’s best to pop retinoids into your evening skincare routine to avoid interactions with other ingredients and start slowly with a little every few evenings to build up your tolerance. Good for all skin types, your oily skin can cope with such ingredients. 

5. Alternate your active serums

Too much of a good thing can be a true statement indeed. The tendency to overuse any powerful ingredients on any skin type can lead to irritation. Where oily skin is concerned, that irritation proves itself as more oily. Jeepers! That is why you should try to stick to one active per night. For example, if you use a chemical exfoliator with acids or enzymes, use it on the nights you’re not using your retinoid product. Give them all a chance to shine in their own light!

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6. Choose your makeup wisely

There is really no need to carry that blotting paper and a pot of powder for touch-ups. What a relief! You just need to choose your foundation wisely. Luckily, long gone are the days when you only have long-wear liquid foundations on offer. Mineral powders have opened new doors for oily skin customers offering a flawless base without a caked on look! It’s weightless on the skin and effortlessly gives an invisible natural finish. 

Mineral powders come with so many benefits as they won’t clog your pores, they’re winners in the oil-absorbing department, and can easily be reapplied up as the day goes on. It’s ok if you do prefer a liquid though as you can seek a loose setting powder for a shine-free finish. Press it into the skin to seal the deal. Remember to always remove your make-up before bed and allow your skin to breathe.

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